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Add a Base

If your device is a sticker Tracker (Nanothings Nanotag or RAKwireless 2270 Sticker Tracker) you can add bases for your stickers.

Bases have two functions:

  1. Users can get notifications when a device enters or exits a base.
  2. When static, a tag will use the bases location when in range. Due to the nature of radio, very different results can be gained every uplink, adding a base stops wander when a tag is near by.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to your devices page

  2. Click the fence icon: Once in the bases section, find and click the "+" arrow, usually located at the top right corner, to create a new base

  3. Enter The address of your base and a name: In the fields provided, input a name for your new base and enter the address.

  4. Configure Alerts: Toggle on or off whether you want to receive alerts when the base boundary is crossed.

    • Out of Hours: Specify if you want to receive alerts only outside of certain hours.

    • Start and End Time: If "Out of Hours" is selected, input the time range during which you don't want to receive alerts.

  5. Select Contacts for Alerts: Choose which of your saved contacts should receive base alerts by entering in their names, or by clicking the box and selecting them from the list.

  6. Click Save: After configuring all settings, click the "Save" button to finalize and create the new base.

From this point foward any uplinks from tags in range of this base will use it for location, and any alerts you have setup will be sent when a tag enters or exits.