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Add a Geofence

If your device is an asset tracker, you can add a geofence to get alerts when a tracker enters or exits and area.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Geofences: Locate and click the "Geofences" option in the menu to navigate to the geofences section.

  2. Click the + Arrow: Once in the geofences section, find and click the "+" arrow, usually located at the top right corner, to create a new geofence.

  3. Enter Geofence Name: In the fields provided, input a name for your new geofence to help you easily identify it later.

  4. Set Radius: Use the slider or input field to set the radius of the geofence in meters.

  5. Configure Alerts: Toggle on or off whether you want to receive alerts when the geofence boundary is crossed.

    • Out of Hours: Specify if you want to receive alerts only outside of certain hours.

    • Start and End Time: If "Out of Hours" is selected, input the time range during which you don't want to receive alerts.

  6. Select Contacts for Alerts: Choose which of your saved contacts should receive geofence alerts by entering in their names, or by clicking the box and selecting them from the list.

  7. Set Geofence Center:

    • Click on the Map: Use your mouse to click on the location where you want the center of the geofence to be.

    • Use Geolocate: Alternatively, you can use the geolocate function (usually represented as a compass or location icon) to zoom into your current location and set it as the geofence center.

  8. Click Save: After configuring all settings, click the "Save" button to finalize and create the new geofence.