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Add an Action

Use this guide to set up a new action that triggers alerts or forwards data based on various conditions.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Actions: Locate and click the "Actions" option in the menu to access the actions section.

  2. Click the + Arrow: In the actions section, click the "+" arrow, generally at the top right, to create a new action.

  3. Enter Action Name: Type a unique name for your action for easy identification.

  4. Select Action Type: Choose between "Alert" and "Forward Data to External System."

If Forwarding Data

4.1 Enter URL: Provide the URL to which the data will be forwarded.

4.2 Enter Header Tags: Add any necessary HTTP header tags for the external endpoint in JSON format

If Alert

  1. Choose Alert Condition: Select the condition that will trigger the alert (Temperature, Humidity, Distance, Battery Level, Motion, CO2, Button Pressed/Alarm Triggered, Door/Window Open).

    • For Temperature, Humidity, Distance, CO2:

      • Set Threshold: Input the value that will trigger the alert.
      • Above/Below: Choose whether the alert triggers when the condition goes above or below the threshold.
    • For Motion:

      • Out of Hours: Optionally, set the alert to trigger only outside of specified hours.
  2. Select Contacts: Choose which of your saved contacts will receive this alert.

  3. Choose Applicable Device: Select the device from your account that this action applies to.

  4. Click Save: After setting all parameters, click "Save" to finalize the action.