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Managing a Device

Our platform aims to provide an intuitive user experience while accommodating a variety of device types, each with unique features and capabilities. Whether you're monitoring a temperature sensor or a tracking device, the necessary data is displayed in an organized and customizable manner.


Common Features

  • Settings Button: Located at the top-right corner of every device page, this allows you to access the specific settings for each device.

  • Date Range Picker: Positioned next to the settings button, this tool lets you retrospectively view device data.

  • Refresh Data Button: Also at the top-right corner, use this button to manually refresh the displayed data.

  • Alerts Table: Every device page includes a table outlining key metrics like the last alert received, when the device was last seen, and its current battery level.

Settings Menu Options

  • Change Device Name: Quickly rename your device.
  • Device Profile: Tailor specific settings like route matching for location tracking or set safe ranges and thresholds for parameters like temperature, humidity, or distance.

Tracker Devices

  • Map Display: For tracking devices, a map is displayed that shows both current and historical locations. Additional features include a full-screen map option, date range selection, and 2D/3D view toggling.


  • Utilize the date range picker to identify trends or anomalies over specific time frames.
  • Regularly consult the Alerts Table to stay current with device statuses and potential issues.